From the intuition of Francesco "Franco" Frozzi, after a solid experience in the sector, CO.MA was born in 1973. Spa, acronym of Coils Manufacturer.

Thus began a long process of specialization in the design, production and marketing of radiant coils for heat exchange dedicated to civil and industrial applications.


Coma Spa, located about thirty kilometers north of Verona in the Brennero direction, specializes in the production of coils for: heating, air conditioning, refrigeration, heat recovery and special applications.


Each battery we produce is calculated and constructively designed on the basis of the data provided by the customer; our technical office is available for sizing and technical advice.


Each battery is tested with compressed air, in water, before the final Quality Control check. In 1998 we obtained the certification of our quality system.

The original predisposition to create customized heat exchangers and to conceive them technically to always obtain the most efficient and effective solution have remained the founding values of the company.

In 50 years of activity, a team of expert operators in each of the production phases has been shaped in the workshop: deep drawing, punching, rolling, welding, assembly, testing, packaging evoke operations rooted in the manufacturing industry that they find at CO.MA. Spa full expression of the surrounding area.

Iron, copper, aluminium, stainless steel and cupronickel are skilfully processed daily and thanks to the achievement of the Quality System certification in 1998 - in accordance with the ISO 9002 standard - all activities, from the choice of suppliers to the after-sales service, are to exchange all the added value we have.

COMA. Spa represents a close-knit group of people continuously searching for the quality and reliability of their coils and finned tubes, the result of a specialized technology that offers a wide range of solutions for heating, cooling and energy recovery.

A triennial role within the corporate ranks belongs to the technical office which, thanks to its profound thermodynamic knowledge, application experience in the field and flexibility in interpreting the needs of its interlocutors, feeds

the values of competence, customization and responsiveness that complete the positioning of CO.MA. Spa in the heat exchanger market.

Year after year, foreign and national customers reward our commitment by placing their trust in us, which we reciprocate with attention to detail and quality standards.

We are not only looking for customers but partners with whom to follow the evolutionary path of a world that is increasingly attentive to the use of energy in all its forms.