The Company

Who we are

Founded in 1973, Coma Spa over the years has become a leading European company in the design and construction of heat exchangers for civil and industrial applications

Working method and professionality in creating customized solutions, are a guarantee of reliability for the company Coma Spa.

Production includes the use of various materials according to technical specifications provided by the customer, with a capillary control at the end of the work before the final delivery.

Coma Spa is always uptodate and it expands the range of products developing technologies to meet the most specific needs, with safe, reliable and durable over time products.

Contributions Obtained


Coma Spa, located about thirty kilometers north of Verona in the direction Brennero, is specialized in coils manufacturer for: heating, air conditioning, refrigeration, heat recovery and special applications.


Each coils that we produce is calculated and constructed on the basis of data provided by the customer; our technical office is available for dimensioning and technical consultancy.


Each coils is tested with compressed air, in water, before the final quality check. In 1998 we achieved the certification of our quality system.